Winter mornings

Chilly mornings on Mulberry Tree Farm bring a special magic to the garden. Jonquils and daffodils bloom, and the trees make majestic silhouettes in the mist.

And the past two morning have brought a new feature – an ice skating rink, for the birds! The birdbath has been frozen solid, much to the dismay of the wrens and lorikeets!

But the birds are enjoying the biscuit and bread crumbs we put out for them. Scone crumbs are a favourite, so I’m pleased my winter baking is proving to be a hit with the locals!




Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Cavemen were clever. Whoever worked out that rubbing two sticks together made enough heat to light a fire was a bright spark indeed. There is something satisfying about creating a fire by which to up by.
After this morning’s frost, not one ember remained in our fireplace. It took me six pieces of newspaper and, I’m afraid to say, not one but two matches to get the fire started this morning. Fellow fire starters will understand my frustration. However, once it had caught and the kitchen started warming up, there was something beautiful about the foggy vista from the window.

Sometimes a good cup of tea by the fire makes for a lovely start to a winter morning.