Home grown, homemade!

Some things in life evoke feeling. They make you happy when you look at them. And they warm and nurture you.

For me, homemade soup is one of these things, especially when it’s made lovingly with homegrown veggies!

Hubby was chief chef this evening, and his pumpkin soup, made with our beautiful produce, has hit the spot! Topped with homegrown mint from the herb garden, I’m feeling happy and warm and nurtured!

Bon appetit!



A/W 2014 Fashion Colour

It’s a magnificent Autumn day here at Mulberry Tree Farm, and all inhabitants seem to be dressed in their finery, trees included.

Reds, yellows and brown are the hues de jour, and what a sight for sore eyes they are!

They’ll also make for magnificent mulch for the garden. It’s best to run over the leaves with the mower to break them down. The reason for this is the surface area increases, making it easier for micro organisms to break the leaves down, which in turn adds goodness to the garden beds more quickly.

Not only are the leaves beautiful, but they’re practical as well. And that’s exactly the kind of fashion I like!



Couch Potato

After a busy and fun weekend, a bit of time-out is on for this afternoon. I’m sitting down with a cup of tea, a biscuit and a good book!

Rather than sit inside, I’ve set up an outdoor lounge, salvaged from the barn, on the verandah complete with cushion and throw rug. As well as adding comfort, they hide the chipped paint!

Lying about outside seems to be a far more fit and active option than being indoors. Whether it’s the fresh air or simply delusion, it just feels healthier!

And placing a gorgeous potted hydrangea next to the lounge brings the garden just that bit closer.

I think I’ve found a new favourite place to chill out! Better grab another biscuit…!


A day on the green

Today we’ve treated ourselves to some cheeky Yarra Valley bubbly. Domain Chandon is our destination, sister vineyard to the famed Möet Chandon.

I think Champagne fixes everything, but due to provenance law, today it’s “sparkling” that does the trick.

Sunshine and crisp air are a tonic, and we’re very lucky to be sitting here soaking up the rays.

Whatever the naming convention, I’m  very happy to be toasting to that!

Vitamin D Day

Yippee it’s sunny! After a foggy morning, the sun took a leaf out of Jim Morrison’s book and decided to break on through to the other side.


I cranked up the iPod with that very song and got my own creative juices flowing: To bake, or to bake. But what to bake?

I had a few mushy bananas that were more black than yellow, so felt inspired to make banana muffins after laying eyes on a wonderful Stefanie Alexander recipe. This lady is magic. And here’s a pic of my morning tea… A few less than a baker’s dozen, but the mixture was that yummy, I couldn’t help myself!


Boys toys

I have to say, I love cars. A good Maloo on display at the Deni Ute Muster does it for me. There’s something cool about sleek curves and a throttling engine.

Today my machine and I are out in the paddock doing some clearing. Small and compact, this little Kubota works a treat when it comes to getting stuff done. Mowing, pushing and digging, this orange pocket rocket is my friend. Give me a boys toy any day.

P.S. It’s even better when your hubby is doing the loading. That way my manicure stays intact :0)



High Socie-tea

Sometimes two halves maketh more than a whole. Take for example Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, David Beckham and a football, and mulled wine on the ski slopes.

And it seems to me, some of these made-in-Heaven matches are so perfect that they are turned into a tradition. Scones with jam and clotted cream is one such example. Whoever you are, wherever you may be, that sweet jam hit countered by the buttery cream overtone married with the wholesome simpleness of warm scone-ness just makes you happy. Add a cup of tea to the mix and you’re in Paradise.

There is one thing that mars this picture of perfection – I seem to have mixed up the plain flour and self raising flour. Rather than rising on high, this scone batch seems to be more pancake-esque. And now I am too scared to bake for fear that I’ll get the wrong flour and make long shortcrust pastry or a not so squishy sponge. Think I’ll have another one of these scones and just pile on the jam and cream to counter its non-traditional height!