There’s something about baking

One of may favourite memories of primary school was birthdays, and not just my birthday, any kid’s birthday. Why? Because a birthday meant cake!

We’d stand around the birthday girl or boy, belt out a tone-deaf rendition of Happy Birthday and cheer as the kid blew out the candles. We’d wait, jiggling impatiently on the spot, waiting as the teacher cut the cake and handed the pieces out,. We’d then inhale the cake and wriggle around in our seats thanks to the sugar rush.

I’m doing some freelance work today and as I headed to the kitchen to make myself a cuppa, I was greeted by an amazing looking pear, apple and pecan cake, lovingly baked by my colleague’s sister. What a treat! I am just as excited as any five year old!

There’s something lovely about sharing a home-baked cake, and I’m about to enjoy every last crumb!




I used to devour French pastries in a matter of seconds. However that has all changed as of yesterday. Exactly 32 hours and 39 minutes after I decided to embark on baking a batch of croissants, I have a hot one in my little hand!

Much to my shock (of the happy variety) the aroma takes me back to Paris… Seriously! It’s sweet and warm and yummy! I yelped as I opened the oven because I can’t quite believe that what I’m holding actually LOOKS like a croissant! Viva la rolling pin and floured bench top! My trusty baking allies have brought me to a victory that I reckon Napoleon would salute to. Or maybe I’m easy pleased. But, the pleasures of the croissant are mine for the eating for now!




Vitamin D Day

Yippee, it’s sunny! After a foggy start to the morning, the sun took a leaf out of Jim Morrison’s book and decided to break on through to the other side. I decided to bust out the iPod and play that very tune. One of the benefits of country living is being able to blast your fave songs without annoying the neighbours!


Whilst shimmying around the kitchen, I spotted a few more black than yellow bananas, and after coming across a rocking banana muffin recipe from beloved Stephanie Alexander, it was time to bake. I love baking … and here is my morning tea. Not quite a baker’s dozen, but the mixture was that good, I couldn’t help myself!