From Patch to Plate

There’s something very satisfying about making a delicious dinner. And when you’ve grown your own ingredients, there’s that extra bit of pride!

Hubby dished up a delish dish of tomato baked free range chicken on a bed of sweet potato mash sprinkled with his very own flat leaf parsley! Super cool, very aromatic and very satisfying to eat!

And, check out the bunch of flowers he picked for me… And that we’ll be steaming up tonight! Beautiful crisp broccoli!

Growing and gobbling up your own food totally rocks!




What’s eating your garden?

There’s nothing like receiving a big bunch of beautiful flowers. They make you feel happy and when they’re plonked in a vase & placed on a desk, table or mantle, they bring an amazing feel to a room.

I’ve discovered a new favourite flower – broccoli! I didn’t even know it was a flower until a couple of weeks ago when my green grocer told me to stand my lovely green bunch in a glass of water in the fridge! It totally makes sense because if you look closely, it’s like a flower because it is a flower, as is cauliflower! Who knew?!

Now, I won’t be placing bunches of these two species in vases around the house, but Hubby has been inspired and planted broccoli in our veggie patch next to the garlic! I can’t wait to get out harvesting once it’s ready!