Caffeine hit

I love coffee. It makes me feel happy and awake. It even helps me hop out of bed in the morning because the thought of that delicious warm drink is enough for me to throw back the covers and head to the kitchen.

The other day we sourced some coffee from a cafe we’d visited. Hubby ground the beans this morning and then created true Italian stove top style coffee.

This got me thinking – if I have one take away coffee per day for five days a week for one year, I would use 260 take away cups. That’s a lot. And those cups take a while to break down.

So this morning I feel quite happy as we’ve not only saved a disposable cup, we’ve also added some fodder to the compost in the form of our ground coffee out of the Bialetti. I’m wondering if our worms will develop the same taste for a good morning brew!




Planting the seed

What do you get when you take a roadtrip to one of Melbourne’s hippest cafe’s? A damn fine coffee.

This morning we headed to St Edmonds. Housed in an understated building in Prahran, it’s a cosy place to sit and devour newspapers as well as caffeine hits.

And if you take the time to gaze up from your coffee heaven trance, you’ll spy up-cycled denim jean pockets hanging on the wall. They’re not for tips either, rather they’re pot plants that I think are as funky as the clientele.

I’m thinking these would look at home in the barn for a Spring party we’re thinking of hosting. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more ideas.