Winter wake up

It was a lovely sunny morning and armed with my cup of tea I headed outside dressed in my big wooly cardigan and ugg boots.

I’d soon removed the wooly jumper because according to my trusty thermometer, it was a very warm eighteen degrees, three degrees above the average August temperature.

And it seems the plants are eager for springtime. They are dressed in their finest blooms and blossoms.

The jonquils are just beautiful as is the ornamental pear tree.

It looks warm for the rest of the week and while I love the spring, I hope the winter rain hasn’t gone anywhere too far!





Winter flowers

I’ve had my cup of tea and muesli this morning and have just headed out to get some firewood to crank up the embers left over from last night and this is what greets me! Magnificent helleborus flowers, bobbing their little heads in the chilly breeze.

There’s something comforting about winter flowers. They reassure us that the garden is sleeping, rejuvenating itself to Spring into action in a few months time.

The daffodils have popped out too, and their bright yellow colour is like a ray of sunshine to warm us up.



A/W 2014 colours

Colour blocking has been seen on the catwalks for a couple of seasons now, and it’s making its way into the world of interiors.

The garden at Mulberry Tree Farm appears to be “totes on-trend” with strong greens and bursts of uplifting yellow. Paul Bangay certainly knows his stuff.

While “fashion” is a relatively recent development in human terms, gardens have been setting trends for millions of years. I’m drawing inspiration from tulips and helleborus this season. Look out Anna Wintour!