Barn dance

One of the coolest nights out I’ve ever had was at the Deni Ute Muster. Deniliquin, New South Wales, comes alive every year when in excess of 4,000 utes (yes 4,000) drive from as far as Perth (yes, the Western Australian capital city) to unite in an evening of frivolity, circle work and Jim Beam appreciation.

Five of my best friends and I made the roadtrip to four wheel tray paradise a few years ago, decked out in RM’s and Akubras.

It was a wild scene with Jimmy Barnes taking the stage. At around 10:30 pm when I was on the “dance floor”, a shadow passed that blocked out the moon. It was cast by a very large rodeo winner. “G’day Love,” he said. “This song’s for you.”

“It is?” I enquired at the top of my lungs. Competing with Jimmy when he’s belting “Ain’t No Second Prize” is challenging.

“Yep,” Rodeo replied. “You ain’t no second prize. You’d be a first prize.”

I was reminiscing on that compliment the other day, and I started thinking, there aren’t enough good country shindigs. I’ve started scoping the barn and I might just start thinking about when to schedule one.

The only pre-requisite for invitees is to be friendly, inclusive and fun. And I reckon we could easily achieve that!



Boys toys

I have to say, I love cars. A good Maloo on display at the Deni Ute Muster does it for me. There’s something cool about sleek curves and a throttling engine.

Today my machine and I are out in the paddock doing some clearing. Small and compact, this little Kubota works a treat when it comes to getting stuff done. Mowing, pushing and digging, this orange pocket rocket is my friend. Give me a boys toy any day.

P.S. It’s even better when your hubby is doing the loading. That way my manicure stays intact :0)