I used to devour French pastries in a matter of seconds. However that has all changed as of yesterday. Exactly 32 hours and 39 minutes after I decided to embark on baking a batch of croissants, I have a hot one in my little hand!

Much to my shock (of the happy variety) the aroma takes me back to Paris… Seriously! It’s sweet and warm and yummy! I yelped as I opened the oven because I can’t quite believe that what I’m holding actually LOOKS like a croissant! Viva la rolling pin and floured bench top! My trusty baking allies have brought me to a victory that I reckon Napoleon would salute to. Or maybe I’m easy pleased. But, the pleasures of the croissant are mine for the eating for now!





Bon(za) Appetit!

Did you know it takes 31 and a half hours to make croissant dough? I didn’t until today. Planning to get French for brekkie, I rose at 7am, put on my Edith Piaf CD and opened my Alison Thompson (ah-mazing!) baking book to the recipe for these buttery parcels of yumminess.

As I pored over the instructions, my mood plummeted as fast as a beret falling from the top of the Eiffel Tower. At this rate I’d be sitting down to my freshly baked parcels of Heaven in one and a half days time.

Never mind. I’ve pressed on and here’s the dough proving in a warm spot. I’ll let you know how I go tomorrow. Now I’m about to tuck into some Vegemite toast!

Bon appetit / bonza brekkie!