Fruitiful Breakfast

We’re off to a good start this morning with a bowl of fresh in-season fruit. And the anti-oxidant packed mulberries are very low carbon miles because they’re straight from our tree!

I’m loving the watermelon and mango that’s adorning the shelves of the local grocer too. Their flavours are so intense, making them a joy to eat!

And the best thing about eating seasonal produce is that we can look after our health. The different nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are delivered in the produce of the season keep us well nurtured for the conditions at hand.

Bon appetit!



When life gives you lemons…

This morning one of my friends came to visit and we went in to town for a caffeine hit. My friend loves all things meditation and she spied a store of that genre a couple of doors down from the cafe. As we looked around I spied a sign that read:

“When life gives you lemons… Make lemonade!”

I think it is a glass-half-full kind of message. I’m a natural optimist and I always look for the good in things and as I pondered this message I felt inspired.

“I’ve had an idea!” I said.

My friend was very happy as I’m not usually one to embrace quiet time.

“We’re off to the nursery!”

She rolled her eyes and smiled, and off we went to buy a lemon tree. And here it is planted by my hubby in his orchard.

But it’s no ordinary lemonade I’ll be making. No, when life gives me lemons, I’ll be brewing up a batch of something else! I know that meditation is about being in the present, but I can’t wait already for our first lemon harvest in readiness to savour a slice of southern Italy… And it’s a shot of limoncello that can deliver such bliss!


Food for thought

There seems to be a lot of things we’re doing wrong these days. We shouldn’t eat this or drink that. We shouldn’t watch so much TV or be online or on Facebook. We’re all getting fat and unfit and we’ll all be very unhealthy and sick. It’s enough to make the happiest people sad!

But I think there’s one thing there should be more of: the fruit bowl. My mum always has one filled with beautiful fruit which makes impulse eating relatively virtuous.

We’ve instigated one here at Mulberry Tree Farm and I’ve noticed it works a treat. Sitting front and centre on the kitchen bench, I eyed the fruit bowl and decided to snack on a mandarin while Hubby busted out a Granny Smith. It’s so tempting to grab colourful fruit when it’s easy to get to. And that’s one thing we should be doing more of!

P.S. Yesterday the fruit bowl morphed into a veggie bowl and it’s inspired me to make a roast capsicum soup! Veggies on display can be just as tempting!