Take it outside

The world’s technological revolution has supposedly produced some amazing benefits. We’re apparently more efficient than ever and we get more stuff done more quickly.

Apparently, but I beg to differ. Call me old fashioned but I’d rather talk to a colleague who’s sitting next to me rather than get an email from them. And rather than sending ten text messages, I’d rather call a friend to arrange a time to catch up.

However, there’s one thing this technological revolution has made possible, and that’s working from home. More companies need to embrace this opportunity. It saves commuting time, saves resources and look at the opportunities it provides… Allowing employees to get outside into the sunshine to think, not just do!

Happy Friday everyone!



Room with a view

Having a positive outlook is always a good thing, especially when your gaze takes in a lovely Paul Bangay garden.

This work space is a bit of a hot desk that changes with the seasons. Rich reds in autumn, dark greens in summer and silhouettes in winter. Plus I get a few fly by visitors: red robins, blue wrens and magpies.

It makes for a lovely spot to be and I think the glass half full attitude needs to be embraced more often, particularly when that glass is filled with a big Shiraz.