Fruitiful Breakfast

We’re off to a good start this morning with a bowl of fresh in-season fruit. And the anti-oxidant packed mulberries are very low carbon miles because they’re straight from our tree!

I’m loving the watermelon and mango that’s adorning the shelves of the local grocer too. Their flavours are so intense, making them a joy to eat!

And the best thing about eating seasonal produce is that we can look after our health. The different nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are delivered in the produce of the season keep us well nurtured for the conditions at hand.

Bon appetit!



On the menu!

We’ve been menu planning this morning, crafting dishes based on our very own harvest! And it’s so exciting!

Picking what you’ve grown is satisfying! The scissors seem extra sharp as they snip the stem of the artichokes, and the kale is so crisp it snaps away in one clean break. The shallots burst out of the ground and the mint waves in the wind as if to signal “Pick ME!”

For entree, I’ll boil the artichokes in salted water for 15 minutes, leaving around 5cm of the stem on. The stem cooks exactly like the heart. Hubby likes to sprinkle white wine vinegar over his for a flavour kick.

For main course, the kale, shallots and mint will make the base of a salad and we’ll add roasted beetroot and goats cheese, then top with some toasted hazelnuts.

In the meantime, I’m very happy to have these veggie beauties adorning our kitchen bench!