When life gives you lemons…

This morning one of my friends came to visit and we went in to town for a caffeine hit. My friend loves all things meditation and she spied a store of that genre a couple of doors down from the cafe. As we looked around I spied a sign that read:

“When life gives you lemons… Make lemonade!”

I think it is a glass-half-full kind of message. I’m a natural optimist and I always look for the good in things and as I pondered this message I felt inspired.

“I’ve had an idea!” I said.

My friend was very happy as I’m not usually one to embrace quiet time.

“We’re off to the nursery!”

She rolled her eyes and smiled, and off we went to buy a lemon tree. And here it is planted by my hubby in his orchard.

But it’s no ordinary lemonade I’ll be making. No, when life gives me lemons, I’ll be brewing up a batch of something else! I know that meditation is about being in the present, but I can’t wait already for our first lemon harvest in readiness to savour a slice of southern Italy… And it’s a shot of limoncello that can deliver such bliss!



A step closer to sustainability

After hours of mowing and wipper snippering, and replacing snapped wipper snipper cord, and then having said replaced wipper snipper cord snap immediately, so then replacing said replaced wipper snipper cord with newly sourced cord from remote-side-of-the-road-stall, I am very excited to announce the establishment of our orchard!



Hubby has been busy planting and – TA DA! – here it is!


Apples (two varieties), figs, lemons, blueberries and peaches are now ready to get growing! Hubby bought the bare rooted trees at the local market so now we really can stake our claim that some of the inhabitants of Mulberry Tree Farm are from the immediate area.
Apart from the importance of being local, I learned that you need at least two varieties of apple trees in an orchard so that the bees can pollinate the flowers which then turn into fruit. The bees knees really live up to their metaphor!
We should have fruit by spring so I will be sure to let you know how we’re tracking.