We Love Different

When you grocery shop, have you noticed the perfect fruit and vegetables on offer?

I admit I never did until I started to grow my own. The produce that makes the cut in supermarkets and green grocer’s displays is like the last ten standing in a beauty pageant. Only the “best” go on show?

But what about the slightly imperfect, quirky or funny ones? When it’s fresh produce, they taste better than the one’s in store. And when they’re your own, you love them just as much… And some of them love you back too!



Pumpkin Patch Produce

Did you know that pumpkin flowers make for delicious food?! I didn’t until yesterday, so once they’re ready Hubby is going to cook them up!

We love eating zucchini flowers, so much so that one year we ate too many and missed out on our zucchinis… But we learned a very important lesson in the process – let nature do its work first!

With pumpkins, you can eat the male flowers and this won’t affect the pumpkin production. The male flowers are those without a pumpkin growing behind them.

Looking at these, I’m sure they’ll be beauties! I’m hungry for pumpkin flowers already!