Planting the seed

What do you get when you take a roadtrip to one of Melbourne’s hippest cafe’s? A damn fine coffee.

This morning we headed to St Edmonds. Housed in an understated building in Prahran, it’s a cosy place to sit and devour newspapers as well as caffeine hits.

And if you take the time to gaze up from your coffee heaven trance, you’ll spy up-cycled denim jean pockets hanging on the wall. They’re not for tips either, rather they’re pot plants that I think are as funky as the clientele.

I’m thinking these would look at home in the barn for a Spring party we’re thinking of hosting. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more ideas.



A step closer to sustainability

After hours of mowing and wipper snippering, and replacing snapped wipper snipper cord, and then having said replaced wipper snipper cord snap immediately, so then replacing said replaced wipper snipper cord with newly sourced cord from remote-side-of-the-road-stall, I am very excited to announce the establishment of our orchard!



Hubby has been busy planting and – TA DA! – here it is!


Apples (two varieties), figs, lemons, blueberries and peaches are now ready to get growing! Hubby bought the bare rooted trees at the local market so now we really can stake our claim that some of the inhabitants of Mulberry Tree Farm are from the immediate area.
Apart from the importance of being local, I learned that you need at least two varieties of apple trees in an orchard so that the bees can pollinate the flowers which then turn into fruit. The bees knees really live up to their metaphor!
We should have fruit by spring so I will be sure to let you know how we’re tracking.