The Preservation Society

We love preserving things at Mulberry Tree Farm, especially when they taste good! Our homegrown quinces have been quietly curing in the larder, and Hubby decided to do what he does best with them – make quince paste!

And this time he discovered something else – after boiling with a lemon rind and whisking them in the blender, he came over with a teaspoon. “Taste this!” he beamed.

I’d never thought to try puréed quince, but it is a beautiful, complex and delicate flavour. And the best bit is, there’s no added sugar!

So Hubby set some aside for us to warm up for breakfast with a dash of yogurt … And it’s amazing.

And, by the way, so is his quince paste. We can’t wait to find some delectable cheese to sample it with!





The birds and the bees

Exciting times this morning… We found a nest in our shed!

Mother Bird was out so we took our chance too look closer and found three beautiful powder blue eggs resting patiently!

We were very careful not to get too close – I believe that if birds get a scent of another animal or person then they abandon the nest. And we don’t want that.

And it seems the bees have been busy on the quince tree because there are some beautiful buds on the base of the flowers! Looks like Hubby will have a good batch for his famous quince paste!

All I need to do is start looking to source some good cheese!