The new arrivals!

We are SO excited this morning!

Two baby birds have hatched! Mother bird was off busy looking for food so I snuck in and took this pic!

Unfortunately one of the eggs didn’t make it, but these two gorgeous baby birds have and they look as though they’re doing well!



Mow Town

It’s official: Spring is here… And the clich├ęs are too. The birds are singing and the flowers are blooming but I’d like to add one to the list: the grass is off the richter!

We’ve had beautiful Spring rain and teamed with that warmth in the air, our grass is growing spectacularly. By my calculations, I reckon it adds a millimetre to itself per minute.

I’m keen to employ some assistance for mowing in the form of wooly helpers, read sheep. We’d need to get some new fencing arrangements so in the meantime, it’s me and the tractor VS the lawn. Hubby’s on the mower too and as a team, we’re in front… Just!

Thankfully with the perks of modern equipment, it’s a relatively palatable task. So here’s to Spring rain and sunshine!