A burst of colour

You know those times when you wish you had a camera to capture a certain moment?

Well this morning one of those moments happened and, guess what? I had my camera!

A ray of sunshine broke through the black clouds just as a huge storm came rolling in.

And just to let you know, I made it back into the kitchen for a cuppa just as the hail hit. It’s now raining steadily and I’m loving the sound of the drops on the tin roof.

Someone told me once that you know you’re a farmer when you love rain, and I love the sound of that.



A day on the green

Today we’ve treated ourselves to some cheeky Yarra Valley bubbly. Domain Chandon is our destination, sister vineyard to the famed Möet Chandon.

I think Champagne fixes everything, but due to provenance law, today it’s “sparkling” that does the trick.

Sunshine and crisp air are a tonic, and we’re very lucky to be sitting here soaking up the rays.

Whatever the naming convention, I’m  very happy to be toasting to that!