Pumpkin Patch Produce

Did you know that pumpkin flowers make for delicious food?! I didn’t until yesterday, so once they’re ready Hubby is going to cook them up!

We love eating zucchini flowers, so much so that one year we ate too many and missed out on our zucchinis… But we learned a very important lesson in the process – let nature do its work first!

With pumpkins, you can eat the male flowers and this won’t affect the pumpkin production. The male flowers are those without a pumpkin growing behind them.

Looking at these, I’m sure they’ll be beauties! I’m hungry for pumpkin flowers already!



Sow busy

Just got back from a bit of retail therapy. On the shopping list today was this season’s pieces for the veggie patch!

We’ve got tomatoes, zucchini, basil and broad beans in our sights!

We planted some organic garlic last month that we’d bought from the green grocer & it’s shooting green leaves!

Plus, our dear old quince tree is in full bloom and I’m already planning the cheeseboard to accompany Hubby’s quince paste!

I love spring!